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.rid this self of mine that i hate the utter most.

.you've got my mind, so tangled up. it's all confused and so fucked up.

<3 we are toxic lovers <3
21 June
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I am obsessive compulsive.
I am addicted to being perceived as perfect,
But alas I am not
And never will be.
I love photography and everything that it entails.
I push the limits,
Whether it is a good or a bad situation.
I enjoy most people’s company,
And I would think that most would say the same about me.
Procrastination is not only my name,
It’s also my game.
One of my best friends lives about 5 states away from me
And that’s okay in my books.
I enjoy life more nowadays.
I stay the furthest away from trouble.
I come up with plans for everything.
From how to invent a rocket-pack,
To what I’m going to tell the officer who pulls me over for the first time.
I’m sure I’ll have a plan,
Trust me.
I think I’m starting to believe that everything happens for a reason,
Maybe because it’s been implanted into my head so many times,
Or because I actually accept the concept.
I believe in Karma.
I drive my car like it’s a dragster,
But you’re ford tarus could probably beat me.
I don’t like being belittled just because I’m a girl.
Quite honestly,
I could probably kick your ass in a lot of things.
I do all the work on my car by myself.
Everything I’ve successfully accomplished,
I’m proud of.
I like being a good student,
And thinking about the future.
The future might scare me,
But in the end I think I’ll prevail.
I don’t like hypocrites,
And I don’t like to associate with them either.
I like open minded people,
They make me happy.
All in all,
I think we could be friends. <333
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